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North Carolina has a Coronavirus hotline operated by N.C. Poison Control. If you have any questions about the virus, the number is: 

1-866-462-3821     this hotline is available 24 hours 7 days a week. 

April 13, 2020  Information from East Pointe

Please use the following link to access information regarding the COVID-19 NC Update  April 11, 2020. 



Financial Planning

Financial Information Packet This is the official approved packet free to download just click the link. 6.39 MB
Financial Information Packet 2 This is the approved packet free just click the link for download 395 KB

Financial planning for special needs families please use this link and connect directly with our board member Stephanie Batten.

You can copy and paste this link in your browser or click link below  https://www.ml.com/special-needs-financial-services.html 



Family Networking

Providing support to families with children who have special needs and the service providers who work with them since 1985. They provide Parent to Parent Support, Support Parent Training, Information and Referral, Support Groups and Workshops,

Click on the link below to learn more!