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D.A.S Pass Podcast Episode 9  

 There are so many things happening at the theme parks it's tough to keep up but we sure try. We have wonderful shopping and mystery boxes with Amanda. If you want to shop and watch the live streams as well as the new things coming up then go visit www.brianandamanda.net and link up with all the family fun. 

D.A.S Pass Podcast Episode 8  

  The world seems to be opening up and we are celebrating Mother's Day too! Enjoy listening and your holiday. 

D.A.S Pass Podcast Episode 7  

  On this episode we talk about how Brian and Amanda are recovering from testing positive with covid-19 and what that means for the park live streams. It's safety we all worry about these days and rightfully so given all the many places you can catch germs of all kinds. One thing is very certain in our eyes and experience being at the parks 3 times or more per week is that the virus didn't come from there and we explain that in this episode. If you were worried about traveling and going to parks please…

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D.A.S Pass Podcast Episode 6  

    The seasons are changing ever so much as spring is in full bloom and pollen is flying all over the place. Who can resist seeing all the lovely greenery outside along with all those beautiful blooms at Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival. One thing is for sure you may be sneezing your head off right now but it's ok because so are we! Things have been a bit strange and sickly with our podcast family of 3 as Brian and Amanda tested positive for covid-19. They have been very sick and under the weather but…

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D.A.S. Pass Podcast Ep.5  

We have noticed more construction walls up at Epcot due to some strange unfortunate pictures that were being taken over in the Morocco pavilion where the supposed "appendage chimney" was located. People are always good for a laugh or worse so now we must wait to see if the chimney gets a redo or disappears all together. The walls of construction are up and there is no more opportunity to take a strange, funny or inappropriate picture with the chimney. This is why we can't have nice things because well…

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