Simple Happiness

I'm so glad you are enjoying the vlogs on the youtube channel and from what I can gather they seem to help you out a great deal. The goal is to help you and I find our happiness through all the trials, grief, loss and disappointments. It seems we get so caught up in our daily rat race pace that we tend to neglect the happiness surrounding us because it gets overshadowed by other grueling issues. So many aspects of our lives factor into what helps sustain us emotionally or it can also ruin us if we don't have the right mindset. I found that very little is needed to make a happy life if I choose to have it. Our happiness or level of happiness is all individual and what makes us happy is so different but yet can be so simple. As long as the connections are made between happiness, living life and prospering as best we can there is no reason why we can't turn these negative notions into something more desirable. We can learn from every situation we get into. 

Whatever we do that makes our lives a little bit more tolerable, easier we should try to do that. I find that the best makeup ever created is a smile. Life is challenging enough and so full of tears and heartaches of all types that we all need to be strong and have faith that whatever it is now occurring, it will pass and you will be ok again. When you keep things simple happiness can be found because it is a direction you can easily navigate if you allow it. Balancing daily life and work life and family life is tough but sometimes the most simple things can bring out the most happiness if you take the time to look for them. Extract the happiness out of the simple things in daily life then appreciate everything and expect nothing in return. Happiness comes in these waves like the ocean it will find you again as it flows in and out. You will be ok today because I have faith in you. 

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